Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Classic

I may be a hardcore, die heart, one genre only type girl when it comes to my music taste of pure hip hop beats... but I do very much enjoy the classic... Classical Music (like how i even capitalized it? Like it was some important title or name...that sh*ts le-git that's why) Shocked? Surprised? The guru herself enjoys a tasteful put together melody, preferably on the violin and especially on the piano? This could be a metaphor for what kind of person this makes me (hmm). However, I could care less of putting thoughts behind making up one, so I will just leave that for your creative brains to figure out.
Here's a treat, try commenting on my posts - I would like to know how other people download their beats without the infamous Lime Wire.. or where they get they own personal ipod songs from... care to share? Or share to care? Either way its impolite to NOT do either. So you lose in the end. Janelle Monae is also under "The Classic" category - she's monae money is what she is. It actually reminds me a bit of hiphop and classical put together... oooh what a golden realization! I am brilliant- which isn't too far off from a genius, so therefore, such as, download her songs.

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