Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Back Pack yo LIFE

It's that time once again where we can stop pretending we have the world in our hands and start realizing our world is now in the hands of our professors... Shits real now. Get off your floaty, straighten your hair and pack a lunch, cus u in it for da long run suckaAAH.

SO in honour of BACK TO SCHOOL (which always reminds me of OLD NAVY when i shout it like that..) Anyway, in LIGHT/HONOUR of the big day/week here are a few tunes that i hope puts a kickSTART in your step as you "two-strap-it" (back pack lingo) into your first classroom...

"do the twooooo-straaaaaap-a-twooo-straaaap"

For the excited ellies:

For  the nervous nellies:
For the cool freshies.. with tatties...

Young Fly & Tatted" - The Kid Ryan & L!Z


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