Thursday, September 30, 2010

It's Show Time!

P. Reign: Never Looking Back
Jesse McCartney: Shake
Donnis: Black & Yellow Freestyle
Tinie Tempah (ft. Kelly Rowland): Invincible
Rihanna :Umbrella (Urban Noize Remix)
Trey Songz (ft. Swizz Beatz): Scratchy (Freaky Dance)
Shanell (ft. Nicki Minaj): Cupids Got a Gun
Rock City : Pretty Pink Roses
Pitbull (ft. T-Pain): Hey Baby (Drop it to The Floor) !!!!!!!
Jeremih : We Like to Party
Bow Wow : Who Dat (J. Cole Freestyle)
Usher (ft. Lil Kim & Jay-Z): Hot Toddy (Remix)
Akon : Once Radio (prod. David Guetta)
J.R. Richy (ft. Santogold): Taker
Sean Paul : Hey Ya
Eminem: The Way I Am (Urban Noize Remix)

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